Monday, September 3, 2012

vanilla sky seven second delay

what it is: vanilla sky seven second delay
where i found it: the fm dial

One of my favorite radio shows is Seven Second Delay, which mostly consists of two guys with no good set plan making it up as they go along in front of the microphone. I stopped listening about five years ago when they started broadcasting from a comedy club and interviewing guests, who seem to think they need to be clever or funny. All of their old shows are available on their archive pages here, and if you just shoot for a few at random (which are not broadcast live from UCB theater) you'll probably end up having a good time. At any rate, I listened to this recent show when I heard that one of the hosts decided to take one of my favorite un-controlled substances, bath salts (vanilla sky number seven) on the air. It's pretty good, but the intro is obnoxious and the guests are kind of annoying, so close your ears during those parts.