Tuesday, October 9, 2012

arch enemy bottom feeding

what it is: bottom feeding
where i found it: barnes and noble, the arch enemy

I blame Barnes and Noble (the arch enemy) and Amazon almost equally for the lack of decent small bookstores remaining on the face of the Earth. However, driven by rain and boredom into the music section of a Barnes and Noble this weekend, I found a small supply of CDs remaining for sale, two thirds of which were regularly priced at $4.99. Benefiting from the music industry's near total collapse I was able to pick up some Elvis, Blue Oyster Cult and Bob Dylan's Self Portrait for what amounted to pocket change. I had always heard Self Portrait was a piece of junk, but I was pleasantly surprised by it's mish-mash of cover material, resulting in something like a cross between John Wesley Harding, Nashville Skyline and a 1960s crooner record. The whole thing seems like a weird, great joke, especially the head scratching opener, hinting that maybe Dylan sustained a brain injury (the good kind) in that motorcycle wreck. Try to imagine being a 60s Dylan enthusiast, excitedly buying his new record that would support your lame, youthful political convictions and getting this as the opening track: