Monday, October 22, 2012

finely crafted nightmare

what it is: finely crafted nightmare
where i found it: reviews and stuff

Over the last couple of months I keep stumbling across reviews and references to the writing of Edward St. Aubyn and his Patrick Melrose novels. At first it just sounded like boring aristocratic British tripe, but enough people that I respect mentioned it that I decided to dive in. Ouch. Yes it is British tripe, but of the extremely painful  and well written kind. Unless it was so nicely crafted it would simply be a sequence of indigestible scenes of massive drug and alcohol abuse, rape, violence, addiction, incest, hatefulness and pain. But it's narrated so well that it sort of seems like a nice English picnic. A very confusing, but refined, experience that happens to also be wrenching. A bit like American Psycho in that it depicts somewhat empty people with obscene amounts of money doing obscene things, if you're into that you might be into this. You can also now get the whole series in one volume. Don't be thrown off by the lame pink cover.

not a fun romance novel

Note: you can also skip the third novel, Some Hope, other than the last scene.