Monday, October 15, 2012

RIP the prince of sealand

what it is: RIP the prince of sealand
where i found it: the ny times, etc.

When I read about guys like Roy Bates I really feel that I'm lacking some essential ambition. Fed up with the UK and its restrictive broadcasting policies he occupied an old rig/military base off the coast of England, kicking off the pirate radio broadcasters camped there, starting up his own pirate station, naming it "Sealand", declaring the platform a sovreign nation and naming himself the Prince. A few years later some Germans attacked with speedboats, took his family hostage and tried to take over the tiny nation for themselves, only for Roy to somehow repel them and win over some German diplomats for his sovereign nation cause in the process. And guess what? Roy is dead now, but Sealand is still there. You can become royalty for a small fee on their website.  It just goes to show that with a little imagination and bravery (and money), you can create your own reality. Even if it looks like this: