Monday, December 3, 2012

interview #7 - my sister

The Mr. Becos interview series continues with my sister

Mr. Becos: You used to infiltrate gay youth conferences for a living.

Sister: Hmm. Maybe I don't want to be interviewed. :) I'd really rather not talk about that. Next question?

Mr. Becos: Previous to that you worked as a telephone customer service representative. What was that like?

Sister: I have had a variety of jobs that have each provided me with learning experiences. From waiting tables to working retail, dealing with people is eye opening. Office equipment customer service is no different. You never know what wild personalities you're going to come across. More often than not people are extremely disrespectful when they feel they are better than you. It's disappointing. I can't say I wish to return to my days of answering phones to field toner explosion questions, but I did learn that there are better things in life!

Mr. Becos: Now that we're talking about your work history I remember you labored in a wings place where a lot of construction workers ate lunch. To your memory, did any of them ever say anything worth repeating?

Sister: As a bartender, I generally tried not to listen to the customers' conversation - especially considering they're drinking so much at lunchtime on a work day. Some things are better left to the imagination!

Mr. Becos: Have you ever had too much to drink on your lunch break?

Sister: No, I usually keep it to one margarita or glass of wine. If I had more than that I'd be napping under my desk all afternoon!

Mr. Becos: Do you ever mix pharmaceuticals with these margaritas you drink at lunch?

Sister: Not that I can recall.

Mr. Becos: That would seem to be a yes.
In a previous answer you said: people are extremely disrespectful when they feel they are better than you. Do can you remember any particularly egregious examples of this?

Sister: It's actually a no. :)
Being cussed out over office supplies not arriving as expected is an example. Really?! Worth getting so upset about? Again, so many more important things in life.

Mr. Becos: I think it's a yes :)
I get really upset about office supplies sometimes, which I am ashamed of.
Two part question: Is there a god? If you don't want to talk about that infiltration job, will you tell me what the gay agenda is?

Sister: It's a no. :)
There is a God. I saw perfect proof of it this week when our friend was rescued safely after six days stranded in the woods.
I do not have a well versed knowledge of the gay agenda so I don't feel I can adequately answer your question.

Mr. Becos: I read about that in the news. The headline was something like "lost veterinarians rescued in Montana". What happened? 
Sister: Thankfully it had the best outcome possible. Two friends went on a hiking/camping trip in Glacier National Park in Montana and got lost along the way. Planning to spend only one night in that part of the park, they ended up getting stranded and spending six nights. Thankfully, they are very experienced and were very well prepared. Rescuers finally found them Monday afternoon and they are now home with their families.

Mr. Becos: That's good news. Have you ever been lost in a forest?
Sister: In a figurative sense, I am lost in the forest almost daily. In the literal sense, I don't recall ever being lost per se. Maybe a few minutes of confusion on which fork in the path to take, but never actually lost. My husband does have experience being lost in the woods. It's a real life story of the blind leading the blind. He was leading a blind hiker on a trail in the mountains of Colorado, and on the way back to the trailhead, he had an allergic reaction that caused his eyes to swell shut. He had to find his way back without being able to see. Thankfully in this scenario, all made it back safely without any overnight adventures of being stranded in the forest!

Mr. Becos: Next two questions:
You are known for your love of US Weekly and People. Last we spoke Sinead O'Conner had just quickly failed at an impulsive marriage. Is there anything that has happened since that I need to know?
Also, you are a mother of two. While your children are usually well behaved, what do you do when they are simultaneously going bezerk and demanding differing things?
Sister: I do love to keep up to date on the cooky happenings of celebrities and their twisted lives. I think you'd be interested to know the name of Uma Thurman's new baby - it's a doozie - Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. Poor child - how is she ever going to be able to spell that in kindergarten?!
My strategy on handling the bezerk happenings of my children varies depending on the nature of the demands. Many times they are both required to go their respective rooms and have some alone time to think about how they should be behaving. Other times, I try to decide who started what argument and who deserves to be rewarded with the granting of his or her demands. It's a constant challenge and ever-changing dynamic. The end goal is generally to have everyone come out of the situation uninjured and well-adjusted. The constant referee job can be challenging, but the moments when they are hugging and getting along and worried about what the other wants make it all worth it!

 Mr. Becos: You live in historic Richmond, Virginia, where one amenity is a long street lined with giant statues of confederate war heroes. Several years ago the city added to this series the somewhat mismatched statue of Arthur Ashe, an African American tennis player who died of AIDS. I heard a rumor that one of the more traditionally minded cement workers planted a confederate flag within the base of the statue. Is this true?
Sister: That is the rumor. It's one of those urban legends that I guess could only be solved on MythBusters if they a) tore down the statue or b) have some super xray vision. There was quite a large amount of controversy over the placement of that statue. It wouldn't surprise me if the story were true!

Mr. Becos: Two part question: Would you be willing to head down there with a sledgehammer and a flashlight to find the truth? Are there other Richmond mysteries that our readers should know about?

Sister: Ahh, Richmond is rich in history and mystery. A great way to learn about the treasures of Richmond is through a Segway tour. You can tour Hollywood cemetery and a lot of other neat places like Edgar Allen Poe's stomping grounds. Plenty to learn about the mystery of Richmond.
I myself would not be strong enough to sledgehammer through the statue. I would be interested to know the truth though!