Monday, December 10, 2012

korean sauna

what it is: korean sauna
where i found it: new jersey

This weekend I needed some relaxation so I headed out to this 24/7 Korean Sauna in New Jersey I'd been hearing about. Located on a strange industrial street and looking like a concrete sports complex, this ended up being a highly odd experience that I would definitely recommend. Some sights included a room full of wandering nude men with mixed martial arts on the TV, some Korean guy beating the crap out of my feet for thirty minutes, a huge and gaudy 120 degree Fahrenheit Egyptian pyramid you could lay inside of, people wandering aimlessly in cult-like pink outfits, a buddha in a water garden, a giant brick sauna decorated with deer antlers, rooms full of people sleeping in arm chairs, walls covered with bizarre symbols constructed out of pebbles, etc. Here's their website where you can watch the semi-creepy video tour. If there is a giant Korean sauna near you please go.