Friday, December 7, 2012

one of the good guys

what it is: one of the good guys
where i found it: nyc

Pretty much every free jazz musician and improviser to wash up on the shores of New York City since the 1970s has had to contend with the philosophical and musical force that is Daniel Carter. Truly one of the good guys and one of the few people I know who has been able to stick to his ideals with little compromise, Daniel has maintained an honorable policy of collectivism and anarchy (not the kind that usually includes wearing masks and smashing stuff) and applied it to his music for decades. Though he's played with Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Sam Rivers and most every heavy, he puts just as much energy into playing with random bands of kids and can be found lugging his many horns throughout the five boros on his way to some d.i.y. basement show most days of the week. I haven't seen Daniel in a couple of years, but I work with a lot of younger jazz, improv and noise musicians and mentioning Daniel's name pretty much guarantees an enthusiastic smile and some story or another. He's also a champion talker with an elastic sense of time and if you're willing to get into the conversation you might still be standing there on a cold street at dawn discussing everything from Alice Bailey to Akashic Chronicles to modern dentistry. Here's an interview with him from the late 90s. Here he is in flight with Paul Flahrety and up front with Shipp/Parker/Cleaver. Check out his records and gigs if you can. They don't make many like this guy.