Thursday, December 6, 2012

pizza delivery as music education/DB RIP

what it is: pizza delivery as music education/DB RIP
where i found it: delivering pizzas/the times

One of the most important phases of my music education was the period of time in which I was a pizza delivery guy. I had hours and hours to drive around and listen to cassettes and local radio. A few selections I had on frequent loop included:

1) The Stooges' Funhouse. On loop for days at a time, even through the "free jazz" parts.

2) A mix tape of those early 70s Neil Young albums like On The Beach and Time Fades Away that were poorly transferred from scratchy vinyl copies (the only format on which they were available up until about three years ago).

3) A Can tape of mysterious origin which simply had the word CAN scrawled in marker on the front of it. Fifteen years away from internet omniscience, I had no idea who Can was and it took a great deal of asking around to get any leads, but boy I liked that tape.

4) The motivator for this post, Dave Brubeck's Time Out. I listened to this tape so many times that I knew the play by play of pretty much every note of every solo. One of the most embedded albums in my brain landscape. You should embed it in yours too. Here's the ridiculously twisty opener. If you're into seventies garbage you may also want to check out what that decade did to Brubeck when his sons came of age. At any rate, DB just died at age 91. RIP.