Saturday, January 5, 2013

pig meat, etc. #4

what it is: pig meat, etc. 
where i found it: virginia

So admittedly, beer is not pig meat. But it goes very well with pig meat. Maybe this is why Virginia seems to be experiencing an explosion of craft beer breweries. Even the crummy working class bar has local beer on tap now in addition to the Bud and Coors. Here are a few examples:

This one is from Colonial Williamsburg, supposedly brewed according to old English recipes. Being drunk probably made blacksmiths, pamphlet printing and candle making more interesting:

This one has been around a while. One of the few good things other than Gwar to come out of Richmond:

This is from a brewery in Ashland called Center of the Universe. Ha ha, get it, because Ashland is really tiny and not the center of the universe.

This one only comes by the growler. The brewery is in Rockland, Virginia in an industrial park. To get the beer you go into a room that looks like a tiny dentist office waiting room with blaring flouresent lights, ugly wall to wall carpet and a bunch of retirement age pseudo rednecky white guys standing around in awkward silence getting drunk. I was there at 11AM on Christmas Eve and the guy pouring/sampling the beer said "I have to get drunk this morning because there will be a bunch of the cops on the road tonight".