Thursday, January 3, 2013

pig meat, etc. #2

what it is: pig meat, etc.
where i found it: virginia

It’s not New Years Day in the South unless you have some pig meat, black eyed peas, stewed tomatoes, greens and cornbread. Though there’s some debate about subtleties of the symbolism, there seems to be general agreement that the pig symbolizes eating a lot (having plenty of nourishment in the coming year), black eyed peas stand for good luck (this dates back to ancient Egypt, but more recently Southerners considered themselves lucky to be left with black eyed peas – a not well respected food -  after Sherman stomped their ass and burned their land), stewed tomatoes bring health, and the greens and cornbread portend wealth (green and gold, respectively). Plus it tastes outstanding and helps with a hangover.

the pig

the money and the luck

the health
In Ecuador they burn scarecrows on their lawns and in Denmark they throw dishes as one another's front doors on New Years, which both sound great as well, but I'll stick to this for now.