Tuesday, January 8, 2013

pig meat, etc. #5

what it is: pig meat, etc.
where i found it: virginia

This is the last pig meat post because it is possibly the most hardcore pig meat post, involving making your own sausage. I found the below sausage making DVD and kit at the totally overwhelming, giant, all things gun/bow/rod, Bass Pro Shop. This is a cavernous, vast hall in which children can practice shooting animals and release razor sharp arrows from compound bows, you can buy any kind of gun or boat you can think of and which is dedicated to all arts involving animal death. Being a lame, defenseless urbanite I was initially shocked and overwhelmed, but I eventually got to wonder if it isn't better to catch, kill, gut and eat your own animal instead of having some poor immigrant worker do it for you in a factory while you maintain a safe distance from the kill or the realization that you're eating what was once an actual living being. At any rate, check out these pictures:

here we have some kind of black magic gate of death. there's several of these, one above the front door and this one which leads into the grilling/smoker department.
this is a cavernous space in the middle of the store with creatures such as mountain goats crawling around on the walls

here we have the waterfall. there's a bunch of bass and the biggest catfish i've ever seen swimming around in that tank the family is gathering in front of. also notice the deer and shit happily playing on the rocks above.
this is a tree dwelling mannequin who aims an arrow at your face as you enter the bow hunting section.
this is guy who cleans the fish tank.

self explanatory.
also self explanatory.