Monday, January 14, 2013

writing music after you get shot by a tank

what it is: writing music after you get shot by a tank
where i found it: the 20th century

Today’s short post is about Xenakis, probably the only Greek architect composer to be shot in the face by a tank and live. Xenakis catalog is dense, deep and wide, but here are two of my favorite pieces, Bohor, a long form electronic piece made mostly of highly amplified soft sounds made with metal bracelets from the Eastern half of the world and Rebonds B, a percussion piece.  Here you can also follow the score to Metastasis. His music is highly mathematical and organized and was both composed for and influenced by architectural works, but even without knowing about all of that just listening to it can be deeply affecting and intense. MODE records has been systematically recording and releasing his works over the last few years on CD, which are more than worth buying (in my opinion, as long as you skip the vocal pieces) so check that out if you like. In the meantime you could spend your evening sight reading through this score: