Tuesday, February 12, 2013

drunk dumbo

what it is: drunk dumbo
where i found it: fatherhood

I was watching Dumbo with my kid the other night and came across a scene I had no recollection of: Dumbo and his little mouse friend fall into a bucket of champagne and start halluciating, followed by a long psychedelic sequence after which they wake up in a tree, only to be ridiculed by minstrel crows.


Also, the Sun Ra Arkestra did a version of this song and someone was nice enough to edit together their version and the same video sequence:


Only a truly gifted cult leader could get his followers to sing songs from Dumbo with such conviction.

Other notes of interest: Dumbo was made as a simplistic counterpoint to the previous financial and logistical mess of Fantasia, which is sprawling, fanstastic, unbeleivably pschedelic and even scary at times. Despite Dumbo winning an Oscar for its really good theme and variations style score, I cannot find a straight answer as to who wrote it. Frank Churchill is crediting as writing a number of the songs, including Pink Elephants (see above), but he commited suicide on a ranch outside of LA the year after Dumbo was released, so we're not getting any answers out of him.