Friday, February 1, 2013

many things in multiple tomes

what it is: many things
where i found it: in multiple tomes

Do you like boiled leather, beheadings, rivers of burning fire, dwarves, the undead, flayed men, giant killer wolves, incest, gluttony, warlike nomads, people being burned alive and shadows that assassinate? If so, you should probably read (not watch the night-time soap opera version of) Game of Thrones. There are way more characters than you can keep track of or care about, but somehow I ended up reading more than three thousand pages of this stuff without even realizing it, which I guess means it's good.Volume two is a little gory and slow, but volume three is the best one yet.

In related news, you may have heard about how the TV show chose a prop looking suspiciously like George Bush's head to end up on the end of a spike:

 Just read the books.