Monday, February 25, 2013

weekend highlights

what it is: weekend highlights
where i found it: the road

I got a chance to see a lot of music this weekend and the two bands I had never heard of before were the ones who made me happiest.

Vektor are really young thrash enthusiasts who seem 110% dedicated to the genre and have the haircuts and sleeveless shirts to prove it. Their logo looks exactly like Voivod and they have some unclear/crummy concept about being from outer space or something, but they are total virtuosos and really go for it without making their lightning fast licks annoying. Here's a link to their album Black Future.

 The other is Achillea, who describe themselves as "blackened Buffalo eco crust", which sounds like a dish that would be served with locally grown grass fed kale chips at an expensive restaurant but that actually consists of about seven young dreadlocked female gutter punks (including violin, cello and two vocalists) rocking out real hard. They don't have any records out yet, but I did find this poor quality video of them performing, which has its moments.

eco crust