Monday, March 11, 2013

bathtub beer

what it is: bathtub beer
where i found it: my household

I spent the weekend brewing some beer, a Belgian IPA to be exact. There are some pictures below documenting the various stages of the process. I will say that after all this and I got the beer and the yeast into the fermenter, I was awakened at 3:30 AM to hear a huge hissing, only to find beer foam overflowing from the bucket all over my living room floor. After I finally got it cleaned up an corrected at 5AM I awoke to more of the same. Thinking dumbly that I had fixed it again I had another hiss wake up call/cleanup at 6:30 when I finally just decided to put the shit into the bathtub until it calmed down and I was less red eyed and dismayed. It's now bubbling calmly and amicably.

boiling a ton of water

grains in a sack

same sack steeping
same sack looking slightly too much like a scrotum for comfort

malt syrup and powder in the mix

the hops. you'll have to turn upside down if you want to read the label