Friday, March 22, 2013

mud rat napalm

what it is: mud rat napalm
where i found it: yesterday

Here are a few items form the news yesterday:

1) A construction worker ("mole") working on digging the tunnel for the new second avenue subway line in NYC got stuck waist deep in the freezing mud several leagues under street level, causing one of the most extensive and creative FDNY rescue missions in history. Apparently this happened because the workers take such safety measures as routinely doing shit while balancing on sheets of plywood floating on top of  mud pits of unknown depth.

2) There was a big blackout in Japan as Fukushima reactor nearly went into meltdown again. Investigations discovered the cause to be a charred rat who had been chewing on a wire and shorted everything out.

3) Napalm Death cancelled a scheduled gig at the UK's Victoria and Albert Museum, where they had planned to use a ceramic PA which would disintegrate under the frequencies of their music when someone at the last minute realized that the old ass museum building would disintegrate under the same frequencies.