Friday, March 1, 2013


what it is: narcocorrido
where i found it: mexico/texas

los tigres del norte
A friend recently brought current events to my attention in the world of Narcocorrido, that is, the carival sounding Mexican genre of music dedicated to singing about (and often taking sides in) the drug trade/wars. Apparently someone found a well full of the bodies of a particular Narcocorrido band, the most recent in a long catalog of murderous goings-on common to the scene. This style of music first came into my awareness while I was living in Texas and some of these dudes showed up at a friend's recording studio and popped up again on my radar in the mid 2000s when I read about bands posting home made murder videos for their songs on youtube faster than our friends over there could pull them down. Fuck. Please stay away from me, Narcocorrido. You can read more about it here.