Wednesday, March 20, 2013

your career is ruined

what it is: your career is ruined
where i found it: around

Does anyone remember Billy Squire? I unfortunately have his creepy Rock Me Tonight video imprinted in into one of the layers of my prepubescent consciousness from some late night sleepover MTV (or maybe Night Flight) marathon. Along with Ratt's Round and Round, Billy Idols White Wedding and that Bonnie Tyler video with the choir of kids that have glowing eyes at the end, there's something specifically unsettling about that era of music even still. Anyway, I've been hearing an anecdote for years about how Billy Squire is a bitter old man, angry that the Rock Me Tonight video ruined his career when he otherwise would have been like Van Halen or Eric Clapton or something. First of all, watch this god damned video.

Second of all I was able to track down this short piece, which includes some good Billy Squire quotes on the topic, plus some other folks trying to put the whole thing in context, such as one historian opining that this video is the "suckiest of the sucky" in video history. Not included here is another comment I came across pointing out that it cannot be blamed on the video's production, that it is obviously Squire's own body moves that "totally ruin it".