Friday, April 12, 2013

tennessee #3

what it is: tennessee #3
where i found it: below the mason dixon

Another important aspect of a Nashville sojourn is the god damned food. I had a few overwhelming experiences with this, several of which I was directed to by a nice red haired local lady. First off we have Papa Turneys, a bar-b-que joint in a very shitty strip mall behind a gas station. Looking more like the locale of an adult movie shop than a delicious smoked meat array, this place had some of the best pig, brisket and pie you can find and extraordinarily friendly people. They also have live music on Saturdays which features a two year old on a mini-drumset. I like their website, too.

prestigious location
magic smoker adjacent to dumpster

Second up we had a traditional meat and three (meat plus three sides, though in this case it was three meats and twelve sides) in a giant white mansion with a rolls royce and greek fountain out front, located directly next to the abyss of the airport runway. $14 all you can eat. I'm still full. Check it out:

adjacent abyss
the understated lobby
about one half of lunch