Friday, May 3, 2013

cemetery expanding


Our cemetery of 20th century luminaries continues expanding with the more than worthy edition of Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, co-master of atonal warble solos and some of the best guitar riffs ever written. If I had wanted to write a mythical ending for his demise I couldn't have come up with a more poetic metal method than nature did: liver failure and  complications related to "necrotic fascitis", an infection resulting from a spider bite (which he got in a hot tub).

Slayer was the first band to scare the shit out of me. I was mowing the lawn of my Southern Christian household the first time I listened to Reign in Blood, feeling that I was faced with something very wrong and dangerous when Alter of Sacrifice, mixed with the sounds of spinning mower blades, invited me to "ENTER TO THE REALM OF SATAN!!!". I was faced with the decision of throwing the cassette into the ditch immediately or letting it play on repeat (same program both sides of cassette). It's still looping.

There have been a number of great commentaries in the last 24 hours inspired by the angel of death finally showing up on Slayer's doorstep. Some of the comments in the thread below this obit really had me laughing (e.g. "I hope he shreds Satan's dick off with kick ass solos for the rest of eternity"), though a lot of them require a familiarity with the band's lyrical material.
With all of these hi caliber folks dying in the past few weeks, I'm seriously wondering how we're going to live up to things like George Jones, Pink Floyd album covers and Slayer in the 21st Century.

far better times for both of these guys