Friday, May 17, 2013


what it is: mantras
where i found it: eastern europe

For the last few days I've been listening to Master's Hammer comeback album, Mantras. In case you don't know MH is an early, weird and excellent BM (as in black metal, not bowel movement) band from the Czech Republic. Their albums Ritual and the Jilemnist Occultist are great helpings of what was going on for misathropic satanic teenagers behind the Iron Curtain. The second of these albums features weird orchestrations like harps and shit that come completely out of nowhere, much to the delight of reader EN, who was nice enough to pass me a CD-R cut from the vinyl a while back.  

Mantras still piles on the weird influences (periodic Beach Boys harmonies, church organ, choruses, Indian chant) but they've had 14 years since their last album to figure out how to integrate them with their consistently creative and evil guitar chugging and noodling. I can't find a full link to the album, but here is a track that starts off sounding like a garage band covering Bon Jovi and goes on to demonstrate what I theorize is a mind-state created by a youth spent swimming in communist Czech rivers and all the bacteria infects your brain via the ear canal. This is one of those albums that really needs to be heard in full, but it's impossible to find so you'll probably have to download it and risk having your door kicked in at 6AM by the FedsHere's what you will do the night before, in the meantime making excellent simultaneous use of Black Sabbath and John Bonham before jumping into a horrible acting career, inexplicably maintaining employment year after year on Law and Order SVU.