Friday, May 31, 2013

offshore jazz shelter

what it is: offshore jazz shelter
where i found it: amazon

I've been in a Bill Evans mood recently. Sure his music sounds like a coctail lounge if you let it, but it's virtuosic, well thought out, beautifully gestural and pretty cool if you imagine yourself standing in the snow wearing a tie smoking reefer with Neil Cassidy or something. Poor Evans eventually went to deep opiod exploration after the death of his bassist, girlfriend and brother (the latter two to suicide), but his music really stands up as a pillar of the pre-free era. Just listen to this.

In my recent search for Evans records I came across this label called Real Gone Jazz, which seems to only operate through Amazon and to be taking advantage of European copyright expiration laws. As a result I got seven fucking Evans CDs for 14.99. And low and behold their catalog includes early releases by Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman and other heroes of freedom. Here's the Evans listing where you can scroll a bunch of their catalog under 'customers who bought this album also bought'. Enjoy.

either bill evans or george mcfly. not sure which.