Saturday, May 4, 2013

slayerothon #1

What better excuse for a slayerothon than the recent Hanneman demise?

Here we begin with Show No Mercy.

This one is an undeniable classic, yet the full Slayer aesthetic is not yet formed. The elements are here, but you can still hear other bits and pieces that would be trimmed away: early 80s thrash fidelity (contemporary to Metallica's Kill Em All), early Maiden/Judas Priest-like guitar runs/harmonies, occasional Dio-ish melodic vocals, uncut hardcore punk stretches, extreme rhythmic galloping between all of the instruments and guitar solos that have not yet reached pure un-moored atonal oblivion. Despite their undeniable awesomeness they also still come across as a little campy, a stones throw from Venom.