Monday, May 6, 2013

slayerothon #2

Next up with have a couple of  1984 EP treasures, Haunting the Chapel and Live Undead.

Haunting the Chapel presents us with a much more refined and focused sound, both in terms of the music and Araya's vocal delivery. Somehow Slayer bootstraps themselves up from being a really good thrash band to a mysterious and sizable creature nearly impossible to be reckoned with. They also connect with their passion to songs about warfare.

Live Undead, on the other hand is probably the most authentic audio document of what a room full of mid 80s meth and booze amped metal grits sound like while reveling in their semi-newfound teenage sociopathy.The full album is not available on youtube, but this needs to be heard on cassette anyway.

hanneman creepeth on the left