Monday, May 13, 2013

slayerothon (final)

Today bring us upon Seasons in the Abyss

This album is certainly a step down from South of Heaven or at least a lot lazier and more repetitive. But it still has some excellent moments and is worth a listen from beginning to end if for no other reason that it beings by talking about hollow point bullets and ends with an ode to Ed Gein. Also, on a personal note, I have a friend who totalled his car while blasting the song Skeletons of Society, throwing another friend many feet into the air and onto a median strip. Ah, high school.

I want to wrap up this Slayer shit, because I've had about enough of it and all of the albums after this one suck, but I would like to add that a few years later the band had somewhat unbelievable timing in releasing an album on 9/11/01 entitled God Hates Us all with a lead single released on the same date called God Send Death. There probably aren't many of these around, but a Becos reader who worked at the label at the time hung onto this souvenir and was nice enough to send in pictorial proof, which I can't get to rotate, so you'll have to turn sideways to read it: