Monday, May 20, 2013

the master is back times two

what it is: the master is back times two
where i found it: some video store a long time ago

Alejandro Jodorowsky, everyone's favorite weirdo movie director/comic book writer/mime is back at this years Cannes not once but twice. It seems he's emerged from his den of tarot reading and spooky psychoanalytically based seminars at the age of 84 to make a brand new movie and star in a documentary about his failure to make the movie Dune. Here's the trailer for the new film, which looks kind of like typical European arthouse cinema. While it's probably no where near as bruising to your unconcscious as Holy Mountain, El Topo or Fando and Lis my guess is that it is better than anything else you can see in a movie theater these days. As far as the Dune doc, which was set to star Orson Welles, Mick Jagger, David Carradine and Salvador Dali, who requested $100,000 for every five minutes he was to appear on film and to be able to burn a giraffe. . . wait. what can i say after that?