Friday, June 7, 2013

another map

what it is: another map
where i found it: a vacant lot

On my daily walk across Harlem this morning I noticed that someone has attached the below flyer to several vacant lots, encouraging people to take over empty space and turn them into gardens. One of the great things about NYC is its community gardens (at least the ones that still exist), weed plots/rat pastures taken over by enterprising citizens and turning them into nice places to sit, grow some vegetables and stop looking at concrete for a few minutes.  Unfortunately the movement seemed a lot more active 10-15 years ago, but there are still some great DIY gardens around and maybe these flyers signal a new push. I looked up the website (, which has an interesting map of tons of vacant public land in NYC that you could work to make your own if you really want to.

You can also check this out, a good selection of pics of NYC community gardens in action.