Friday, June 14, 2013

find a grave

what it is: find a grave
where i found it: a weird request

A reader contacted me asking me if I knew where Jeff Hanneman's grave is. I don't. I looked around a little and it seems to be purposefully unlisted. I can understand if your dad or husband was in Slayer why you might not want fans visiting his grave, both because of what they might do in "tribute" and because you might have to deal with them when you're bringing flowers. My investigatory attempts did bring me to this amazing site called "find a grave", in which you can find pretty much anyone's grave anywhere. Unless they died in a gunfight in the Mexican desert and were left for the vultures or something. I found my grandfathers grave in two seconds flat with just his first name, last name and State. The site also has virtual memorials, in which you can leave "flowers" AKA comments. One of the first ones in Hanneman's virtual memorial is by someone named Angel Sodomizer, supporting my assertion that you probably don't want his more motivated fans hanging around your cemetary.