Thursday, June 27, 2013

rip alan myers


Oddly, I just posted about Devo two weeks ago, so I'm hoping that this blog hasn't developed some magic divination powers, predicting the death of those posted about. Myers was an awesome, solid drummer who could keep the beat going even with one of those upside down flower pots on his head. My Devo immersion has generally continued since last posting and I'm thankful to Network Awesome for putting up a great collection of Devo videos yesterday, speeding my devolution further. I'll also provide a link to a great Devo Lollapalooza set from 2010 (without Myers on drums, but the new guy faithfully recreates his patterns). The festival seems to have improved since the 90s: the year I went to Lollapalooza I got fucking Body Count (Ice T's rock band), Eddie Vedder crowd surfing and the Red Hot Chili Peppers dressed up like lightbulbs.