Thursday, July 25, 2013

i live in a jar

what it is: a guy who lives in a jar
where i found it: ancient literature

About five different times in the last week I've come across references to Diogenes, the great Cynic of Sinope. I looked him up to find out more. Here are some highlights:

He lived in a jar.
He walked around with a lamp in the daytime, saying he was in search of a single honest man.
He got booted out of his homeland for defacing currency.
He sabotaged Plato's lectures, once mocking him while holding a live chicken.
He derided Alexander the Great while sunbathing (beat that).
He was captured by pirates and sold into slavery.
He founded a major school of philosophy.
His sole possession was a bowl.
He died from a dog bite or holding his breath or eating octopus meat.
He liked to masturbate, urinate and defecate in public as a philosophical statement.