Monday, July 22, 2013

playing for change/ras trent

what it is: playing for change
where i found it: tape op

In this month's Tape Op there's an article about an organization called Playing for Change, which operates on the promising premise of traveling around the world and seeking out (mostly) street musicians and people playing music outdoors and having them contribute to a multi-track of a single song. You have to admire this effort even if it results in some pseudo We Are the World shit. Here's one example, which among its better segments unfortunately features some sunlit dreadlocks in slo-mo and Bono with those shitty $500 sunglasses he's been wearing for the last twenty years.

Seeing so many people sing a Bob Marley tune stokes up another question that has plagued me for years, which is: how did Bob Marley become such a reliable fraternity icon? Aside from a love of ganja I truly cannot figure out what massive organized gaggles of higher-education-oriented rich suburban white dudes have in common with a protest singer from ghetto ass Trenchtown, Jamiaca and his message of universal love (when theirs seems to be one of universal cheap beer/chick fucking/torturing younger "friends"/date raping/becoming president). Though it's silly, this guy seems to have some ideas about it. A brief search also shows me that the Onion has touched on this theme. Even if it's not the funniest thing they've ever written you should read far enough down to get to the compassionate Marley in the bathroom picture.