Friday, July 5, 2013

what i found in california v

what it is: that guy on the rollerblades in the robe with the guitar
where i found it: california

If you've ever been to Venice Beach you've probably seen this guy, who rolls up and plays/sings at you and wont go away until you give him some money. Known as the Mayor of Venice, you may also be familiar with him from the movie Fletch, in which Chevy Chase goes undercover in an eerily similar get up. Someone somehow got him into a TV studio and now we can "enjoy" his hot licks, science fiction based poetry and inhuman shrieking (the big payoff at the end) without feeling harassed.

I should also mention that while in Venice I got to see an exciting knife fight which ended with one of the assailants in a full nelson.  I'm also happy to report that the style attributed to that neighborhood and sported by Suicidal Tendencies with the bandanas and the socks pulled up high and the flannels buttoned to the top is still going strong. I started walking a little faster when I saw a front porch full of Latino dudes gathering at dusk, all in the full get up.