Monday, July 8, 2013

what it found in california vi (last one, i promise)

what it is: seasickness
where i found it: california

A few days ago I posted about the author David Novak, who was also recently featured in the "Portal" portion of the Wire's website (here). I wasn't previously familiar with this Portal thing, in which the Wire convinces a different character every month to discuss their favorite digital locales, resulting in a huge collection of interesting links, which to tell you the truth makes me a little seasick and overwhelmed. My two favorites that Novak cites are this huge bin of American folk tradition films and this giant pile of cicada recordings. He points out that the latter sound amazingly like harsh noise recordings. I concur.

Also, loosely related to this as it's mentioned in passing by Novak in his Japanoise book, is the Gutai group and my annoyance at missing the recent Guggenheim show that centered around their work. Small solace can be found in this great video with shitty opera music of Yasuo Sumi creating about 50 masterpieces at once.

I realize that I've been posting inconsistently recently, but I'm trying to make a method-actor-like commentary that reflects my subject, behaving like a flaky California dude.