Thursday, August 1, 2013

harlem week

what it is: harlem week
where i found it: on the way to work

When I got off the train this morning there was a big sign at the station that said Welcome to Harlem Week. I wondered what kind of great Harlem Week things I might see on my walk across the neighborhood. The only thing out of the ordinary was a line of morbidly obese people in lawn chairs in a line around the block waiting for the brand new Joe's Crab Shack to open on it's first day of business.

Not a block later I was passed by a guy talking to himself, not so unusual. Until he suddenly pushed another pedestrian under a moving car and just kept walking, turning his head around to announce, "gotta show these motherfuckers I ain't gay". I'm not sure if they caught the vigilante homophobe, as me and the few other witnesses had to call the ambulance, try to keep the random victim from going into shock (he lucked out with just a disgusting compound arm fracture) and wait for the popo to take a report. I should also add that one of the other witnesses didn't miss the opportunity to ask me for a quarter several times between between our being questioned by police. ("What about a dollar then?", "Come on man, just help me out with a cup of coffee", etc.). Welcome to Harlem Week.