Saturday, August 24, 2013

old cartoons

what it is: old cartoons
where i found it: childhood

Before we hop into some old cartoons, I'd like to both acknowledge that, yes, posts will be more seldom for a little while around here and, indeed, i do have regrets about not acknowledging the death of Elmore Leonoard earlier in the week. Go check his novels out of the library and google his ten rules for writing.

In other news, the child in my household is waxing curious about old cartoons and he's about old enough to stomach some Tom and Jerry-level violence, so I've been busy exploring cartoons of yore with him before bedtime every night. This has led me to enjoyable areas such as the coyote falling off cliffs again and again and Popeye being attacked by termites. It's also led to the discovery of a whole slew of tinkered-with old school cartoons. My top favorite is a redub of GI Joe advice segments. Coming in just behind that is a series of Wonder Twins re-dos, which are astonishing in the way they nail the production and animation style of the original and are almost indistinguishable as a fraud other than in the absurd plot twists. It takes me a minute with each episode to figure out if I'm watching one of the old episodes or one of these new weird ones. Usually a drug reference or two gives it away.  I love this most of all because my kid can't tell the difference and I can watch one of the Wonder Twins take form of a bucket of crap being flown around by an eagle without him batting an eye.