Friday, August 9, 2013

study materials

what it is: study materials
where i found it: again, facebook, mostly

My posting frequency is going to be temporarily diminishing over the next couple of weeks so I'm giving you a few materials worthy of meantime study.

First up, we have this. Just watch it. Reader JPW strikes again.

Second up we have this extraordinary collection of photos, posted by my cousin. I was kind of tempted to skim through them, but each one provides deep horror if you study the details long enough. Each and every one.

Third up: Rest in Peace Karen Black. She put many great, unique, creepy moments on the celluloid and even had a weirdo band who painted their entire bodies (including their teeth) and broke eggs on their vulvas named after her. But her finest moment is certainly pushing the Easy Rider cemetary acid scene way further out than if it had simply been Mia Farrow or something. This one is good for at least 500 repeated views, depending on your level of sadism.

i don't know this movie, killer fish, but it's probably worth checking out.