Wednesday, September 25, 2013

everybody loves raymond

what it is: everybody loves raymond
where i found it: the nursing home library

I used to work in a nursing home where they had a library mostly notable for it's large number of shitty volumes of nothingness that had been donated en masse by people's grown lawyer children when they lost their homes due to advanced dementia. Hunting through piles of rotten, mostly awful books is a great way to spend your lunch hour, especially because every once in while you find something like Raymond Chandler's Lady in the Lake, which has excerpts like this:

I smelled of gin. Not just casually, as if I had taken four or five drinks of a winter morning to get out of bed on, but as if the Pacific Ocean was pure gin and I had nose-dived off the boat deck.The gin was in my hair and eyebrows, on my chin and under my chin. It was on my shirt. I smelled like dead toads.