Tuesday, September 10, 2013

rogue jews

what it is: rogue jews
where i found it: my new office

One of the reasons I've been posting so slow is that I have a new job in a hospital that (probably wisely) forbids access to this blogging platform. Sitting in my office the other day, I was surprised by the sudden bursting in of two long bearded and energetic Hasidic Jews, both holding fucking ram's horns. They then demanded "Are you Jewish? We are looking for the Jewish! We want to blow our shofar (fucking ram's horn) for the Jewish!" When I said no they fled. Then my by-the-book coworker called building security because the guys were roaming the halls unauthorized, headed towards an abandoned part of the building, continuing to look for "the Jewish". I'd have preferred to let them wander, taking poor kitchen and maintenance staff unawares, but I've also been fantasizing about what a security guard/Hasidim melee might look like.