Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ronald also

Let not the death of Lou Reed obscure the considerable accomplishments of also recently deceased Ronald Shannon Jackson.

Monday, October 28, 2013

am i trying too hard to make sense of crap?

I'm taking this sad occasion as an opportunity to give this album another go. I am so totally perplexed by the experience of listening to it, which in this day in age is an accomplishment in and of itself. Maybe in a few years it'll make more sense or maybe I just don't have what it takes. I want to think that it is a great, initially impenetrable piece of art. Bitches Brew didn't make much sense the first couple times through either. If you've never listened to this all the way through, it surprises at pretty much every turn. Fucking hell, man.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

see you later, lou

Say what you want about White Light White Heat, Loaded, Metal Machine Music and Lulu. I'm not sure it ever got much better than THIS.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

what the hell is this? (again)

what it is: what the hell is this? (again)
where i found it: my cousin

Once again the internet bubbles up something perplexing. This one makes less and less sense the longer you watch it. My reactions evolved from dismissive-ness to interest to mild nauseau to deep mystification and then back through the same series, but in reverse order (deep mystification to mild nausea to interest to dismissive-ness). Like an emotional palindrome.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

paul's low tones v

what it is: paul's low tones v
where i found it: the beatles pit

Notable not only for featuring the head of Aleister Crowley* on its cover, Sgt. Pepper is also to be remarked upon for some mean bass playing. Unfortunately, the bitches over at EMI have blocked the youtube link to the full album, but you can, however, still listen to the  Lonely Hearts Dub Band there.

To get to the best of Sgt. Pepper low tones, you have to leapfrog around a little. Here's a guide:

Sgt.Pepper - Astonishing bass tone, right there holding its own line amidst weird orchestrations and vocal lines.

A Little Help From My Friends - Paul hops between registers and lead/supportive roles like a purposeful Mexican jumping bean.

Lucy In the Sky - Oh, how I love weird bass pulsing.

Getting Better All the Time - Again switching registers, this time using some weird slides to get around.

and we jump to . . .

Mr. Kite - Paul's way low in the mix, but he offers up some super harmonizations and counterpoint in this number, especially during the orchestral interplay. I think this is one of his finest and most understated moments to date.

and again to . . .

Meter Maid - Our bass man is solid like some kind of mountain range with a jagged edge. And then he gets up on the mountain that he is and bounces around.

and again to . . .

Day in the Life - Where here I must mention his admirable interplay with Ringo. And then the lock groove to be left spinning in perpetuity.

Do I expect anyone to follow this guide? No.
Do I care? No.
Do As Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law.

* to see more on Crowley, the occult, rock music and the Illuminati please visit this link.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

unusual breathing patterns

what it is: unusual breathing patterns
where i found it: church

Somehow I ended up digging around in the land of extreme sermon delivery the other night and after watching the below videos, most of which feature unusual breathing patterns, I found myself (for the first time in my life) really wanting to go to church on Sunday. While one benefits from sitting through the duration of each sermon, one could also be forgiven for fast forwarding to the parts where logic goes out the window and the mind transcends via holy spirit/oxygen deprivation combo.

Friday, October 18, 2013

what the hell is this?

what it is: ?
where i found it: mr. a dubin of new jersey, again


Thursday, October 17, 2013

how to manage a trumpet player

what it is: how to manage a trumpet player
where i found it: mr. a. dubin of new jersey

This is the right way to manage a trumpet player who's music you dislike. I guess this guy/gnome learned a few things during his supposed time with the Grateful Dead in '65.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

paul's low tones iv

what it is: paul's low tones iv
where i found it: the beatles pit

Here we are at Revolver. My advice to you is to put the album on from And Your Bird Can Sing (starting at 21:00 on this version) and let it play to the end to get a truncated dose of exemplary Paul bass. We can sit through the Broadway corniness of Got To Get You Into My Life because the bass playing is still great even though the song is goofy and has silly horn arrangements. The first half of the album cannot be faulted by any means, but it's merits lie in areas other than the 4 string axe.

check out this killer bass tattoo you're going to get this saturday

did he lose a cobra?

what it is: did he lose a cobra?
where i found it: i'm not sure where this could possibly be from

My favorite reaction to this here is when one viewer wonders "did he lose a cobra?"

Monday, October 14, 2013

rip cal

what it is: the death of cal
where i found it: the paper, a few weeks ago

I had almost forgotten reading about the death of Cal Worthington, a Southern California car salesman who would try any number of stunts to get your wallet onto his lot. Then someone was nice enough to send me this compilation of his greatest spots, which starts with Cal's feet strapped to a soaring airplane and goes uphill from there. This is what an American entrepreneur should be like, not some silicone alley dipshit who sits at a computer all day creating apps for fashionable telephones.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

paul's low tones iii: a study in contrasts

what it is: paul's low tones iii: a study in contrasts
where i found it: the beatles pit

Here's a study in contrasts: the album Help, where Paul seems to be resting on his laurels, mostly recycling old tricks vs. Rubber Soul, released five months later, where he more or less catches on fire and re-invents the rock and roll bass guitar. There is no song on Rubber Soul in which Paul does not do awesome things. See for yourself. In mono.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

paul's low tones ii

what it is: paul's low tones ii
where i found it: the beatles pit

We continue with our exploration of Paul's low tones with third and fourth album highlights. Still in cheese land, but on the brink of LSD acceleration. Hear ye: