Wednesday, October 23, 2013

paul's low tones v

what it is: paul's low tones v
where i found it: the beatles pit

Notable not only for featuring the head of Aleister Crowley* on its cover, Sgt. Pepper is also to be remarked upon for some mean bass playing. Unfortunately, the bitches over at EMI have blocked the youtube link to the full album, but you can, however, still listen to the  Lonely Hearts Dub Band there.

To get to the best of Sgt. Pepper low tones, you have to leapfrog around a little. Here's a guide:

Sgt.Pepper - Astonishing bass tone, right there holding its own line amidst weird orchestrations and vocal lines.

A Little Help From My Friends - Paul hops between registers and lead/supportive roles like a purposeful Mexican jumping bean.

Lucy In the Sky - Oh, how I love weird bass pulsing.

Getting Better All the Time - Again switching registers, this time using some weird slides to get around.

and we jump to . . .

Mr. Kite - Paul's way low in the mix, but he offers up some super harmonizations and counterpoint in this number, especially during the orchestral interplay. I think this is one of his finest and most understated moments to date.

and again to . . .

Meter Maid - Our bass man is solid like some kind of mountain range with a jagged edge. And then he gets up on the mountain that he is and bounces around.

and again to . . .

Day in the Life - Where here I must mention his admirable interplay with Ringo. And then the lock groove to be left spinning in perpetuity.

Do I expect anyone to follow this guide? No.
Do I care? No.
Do As Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law.

* to see more on Crowley, the occult, rock music and the Illuminati please visit this link.