Thursday, November 7, 2013

garbage rafts

what it is: garbage rafts
where i found it: the pacific

Disturbing recent reports involve floating debris from the Japanese earthquake reaching the shore of the west coast of the US. Radioactive furniture and the like. The Weather Channel will tell you all about it here.

This also reminds me of the famous trash continent, which can be found in the same sea and leads to weird journalistic sentences like this: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch and the Pacific Trash Vortex, lies in a high-pressure area between the U.S. states of Hawaii and California. This area is in the middle of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. (via National Geographic).

Actually a picture of a guy in manilla, but it looks like a Great Pacific Garbage Patch to me.
Free association also leads me to the famous NYC garbage barge of the 1980s, when New York had no adequate landfill, so they just put all the trash on some barges to circle endlessly around Manhattan, eventually trying to dump it in other states without success, and ultimately setting fire to the stuff. Here's an article about that if you care at all. Now they pay the state of Virginia to take a bunch of it, and there's a "garbage truck conveyer" that circles endlessly up and down I-95. You can see a whole lot of garbage trucks going north and south late at night.

All of which leads me to this heart warming story of Paraguayan children who live in a trash pile, but redeem themselves by making instruments out of the refuse in which they dwell.