Wednesday, November 20, 2013

paul's low tones vi

what it is: paul's low tones vi
where i found it: the beatles pit

Today we explore Paul's bass tones on Magical Mystery Tour, an album that often gets overlooked, probably because of the asinine film associated with it. I don't know what got into these guys (other than drugs) that made them want to be so silly, dressing up like animals and encoding messages about Paul's death. At any rate, undead Paul does not drop the ball on the bass here.

Admittedly the main theme is a little annoying, all that shit about a " magical mystery tour", however the song evolves into what seems to be an early prog monster, circling around on itself with ever decreasing velocity hemmed in by bass of Paul. There's also a weird little piano jam at the end that I wish went on for much longer.

#2 - This song has pan flute. Enough said. I give you no link.

Paul kicks this one off with a bad mufckin bass groove. You might think the song is a throw away due to lack of lyrical vocals. I do not.  

So this one is boring, ignoring its own advice to not be long. No bass fireworks here, but Paul shows us that he knows how to pick the right note for a drone and stick to it. 

#5 - You can skip this one. Classic Paul four string melodocizing. Nevertheless I don't like this song. So I give you no link.

Notable for many reasons, but the bass is super on this one. On this particular mix you can hear the bass well. Joy.

What a ridiculous, silly, miserable film promo this is.

#8 - Notable for slowed vocal tape that makes Lennon not sound like Lennon. Not overly notable for bass. I give you no link.

I don't really like this song. Never have. But Paul lays down some bass that provides evidence that he might be a fucking sorcerer. 

Baby you're a rich man. More very strong sorcerer evidence.

Hilarious hippy video. Don't let the theatrics distract you from the bass playing. Paul's pulse turns the twisty time signature into one of the catchiest songs in the world.