Saturday, November 16, 2013


what it is: yiddish
where i found it: work

My line of work brings me into contact with all types of people from all types of cultures and this week was no exception. The most challenging job assignment of the week was finding music that would engage and delight a Hasidic octegenarian, no easy task. While I eventually found some materials that seemed to do the trick, along the way I found more than a few that did not. But they might do the trick for you.

#1 - Here we have Bob Dylan and Harry Dean Stanton singing Hava Neghila as part of some kind of Jewish charity telethon, but they seem really uncomfortable and Dylan's harmonica is in the wrong key and they don't really know the words. The whole thing is just surreal.

#2 - This is some kind of Yiddish comedy that seems to be from back in the days when Second Avenue in NYC was still Eastern European tin pan alley. Stick around until the end, it really picks up.

#3 - Here the Borrough Park Hasidim live it up pyro style. This is a real Brooklyn party, putting hipsters to severe shame.