Monday, December 30, 2013


what it is: nitzsche
where i found it: a friend

Recently a friend gave me a copy of Jack Nitzsche's solo album, which is just weird enough to make me do a little digging into this cat's background. There's a lot to find. He was a key member of LA's Wrecking Crew, the band of on-call badasses that were the backing group for pretty much every rock-ish record made in late 60s/early70s LA.

An acolyte of Phil Spector, he did some mean "wall of sound" orchestrations for IKE AND TINA TURNER, the choral arrangement for YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT and those miserable orchestral pieces that I've spent a lot of time fast forwarding on my cassette copy of Neil Young's Harvest. He even had a few SURF HITS.


 Being an LA dude with considerable composition/orchestration chops, it only makes sense that he got into film music. Favorites he added sound to include Performance, The Exorcist and the Monkee's Head, three of the more fucked movies that exist.


As far as his personal life, he was married for years to Buffy St. Marie, who made some great and unusual records herself. EXHIBIT A. Unfortunately things went south and he ended up sexually assaulting someone with a gun barrel and getting featured on an episode of Cops as the guy who gets stuffed into the car. I can't find that footage, which has probably been suppressed for obvious reasons.

Anyway, here's A TRACK off of that solo record I was telling you about.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

i didn't know:

Until I saw THIS VIDEO, I didn't know:
1) that Steve Windwood could play guitar like that
2) that Gibson made green Firebirds
3) that you could get that into playing the tambourine
4) that you needed a full on African outfit to play the cowbell
5) that your pupils could get as dilated as Windwood's

Friday, December 20, 2013

redesigned grape

what it is: redesigned grape
where i found it: nathan from texas

Due to the somewhat shitty ordering and structure of Moby Grape's second album, Nathan from Texas has posted his fantasy re-sequencing/re-editing of same, including alternate versions, samples and other delights. Though one could never rematch the awkward versions and ordering of the original Wow album unless he drank a glass of acid and could never achieve the aimless semi-heights of Grape Jam, period, this makes for a smoother and more digestible listening experience. Behold the workings of a Moby Grape obsessed/troubled Texan. Who wants to finance the vinyl release?


Thursday, December 19, 2013

moby grape reading list

what it is: moby grape reading list
where i found it: nathan from texas

As promised, below is a treasury of Moby Grape literature as forwarded to me by Nathan from Texas.









Promised cover photo for the forthcoming re-sequenced "second album":

Also, HERE's an energetic televised version of Hey Grandma.

There's more where this came from. Yet, I believe in moderation. Plus, I need to get back to listening to the first eight Black Sabbath albums in sequence.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

moby grape immersion

what it is: moby grape immersion
where i found it: nathan from texas

Suddenly I am being bombarded with material about Moby Grape, which I am happy to pass directly, without detour, to you. Out of nowhere, I suddenly started getting the below emails from Texas, the excerpts of which read kind of like an epic poem of obscure music enthusiasm. I have to praise the motivation of Nathan from Texas, whose enthusiasm for Moby Grape is only matched by his love of mixed martial arts.


I've been obsessed with Moby Grape lately. You want a copy of the re-sequencing I did of their 2nd album? It's right up there with White Album and Electric Ladyland.

Their first album is universally praised and then everything else they did is panned.

Turns out they left a double album's worth of great stuff in the vaults and released all the wrong stuff for their 2nd album.
The most ill-starred, badly managed, mis-promoted band of all time with 2 schizophrenics.
I'll send you some reading about them too.

Start with THE FIRST ALBUM. it's them as a whole, firing on all cylinders.

Totally unique band -- 5 singer-songwriters. 3 guitars.

I've been evangelizing them pretty hard for like 6 months.

Seriously these guys were all set to be rock gods except for the worst round of luck ever.

Wait til you read the full Moby Grape story. It's unbelievable.

They've got an evil ex-manager who scares everyone off despite the fact that in 2007 they completely won an epic 30 year lawsuit against him he immediately managed to get all their reissues taken off the market for 30 years he controlled the name.
I'll send you some good articles.

Do you have the Skip Spence "Oar" album? He was the Syd Barrett of the band and did a crazy solo album that's up there with Syd, Roky, Alex Chilton, etc in the broken mind genius solo album sweepstakes.

My goal is to get the book written, the doc made and their 2010 album released.

They're still fucking up.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

rip ray


Goodbye to Ray Price, one of the finest country singers that ever was. I had the good fortune to see him sing at one of Willie Neslon's annual 4th of July Picnics about 15 years ago and he was a total country gentleman, with flawless Stetson, buttoned up Western suit and formal mannerisms. Many will speak of his hits Crazy Arms, Release Me, and I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me, the greatness of which cannot be denied, but I'm kind of partial to THIS ONE, in which he is too loaded to go home (again).

Friday, December 13, 2013

gibberish on the world stage

what it is: gibberish on the world stage
where i found it: mandela's memorial

In case you haven't heard, the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial service was an "imposter" who was signing gibberish the whole time. Various details have emerged such as that he was hired at a cut rate $77 for the day vs. the going $160 an hour rate, that he is a schizophrenic who saw angels dropping from the sky during the ceremony, that the agency which hired him has vanished without a trace since the memorial, etc. The story continues to develop. Regardless, it is truly amazing that you can work your way in to the most powerful ring of humans on earth and sign gibberish for all the world. Here's some footage.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

bye bye jim and chico


Two jazz greats leave the planet. 
Pretty much all you need to know about Chico Hamilton is THIS HEAVINESS (Eric Dolphy on flute by the way).

It's not easy to be a good jazz guitarist. Jim Hall was one. Incidentally, there's also A GREAT JIM HALL EXCERPT from the same movie as above, but he doesn't get an ounce of camera time until he takes his bow at the end. Listen to that goddamned ensemble playing. More of the same can be found on THIS ALBUM, one of my all time favorites.  HERE he more than holds his own with Sonny Rollins. Good guy.

coincidentally: two greats back to back

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

magnum p.b.

what it is: magnum p.b. (photo blog). get it, like magum p.i.?
where i found it: around

Now here's AN EXCELLENT BLOG which offers ongoing slideshows based on current events and new publications from the Magnum, the imposing photography collective.

While we're on the subject of photography, HERE'S A SITE that offers 100 mostly enjoyable ways to spend a day experimenting with your camera.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

toddler inquiry/a jewish

what it is: toddler inquiry/a jewish
where i found it: magical mystery tour

Recently my toddler son started asking about Jewish people. "What do they look like?" "What do they do?" Even though we have numerous friends and neighbors of Hebrew origin and he has many real world examples to pull from, he can't get it into his head what "jewish" means. Yesterday he was looking at my records and unexpectedly came to me with the below picture, asking "Is this a Jewish?"

Monday, December 9, 2013

toddler inquiry/metallic reef

what it is: metallic reef
where i found it: delaware

I always thought that it was an urban myth that they dump old subway cars into the ocean to build artificial reefs. I told my toddler son this story and he became highly interested, so I took the time to look it up. Low and behold, subway cars being dumped into the ocean off the shore of Delaware. Something about this imagery is unsettling.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

paul's low tones vii

what it is: paul's low tones vii
where i found it: the beatles pit

Notable not only for inspiring serial murder, The Bealtes' the Beatles also features some exemplary bass maneuvering. I'm going to break this into two pieces. First up we have one of the greatest runs of bass/drums mind melding heard by man during the below back to back track stretch. I wish I could make it all flow in one clip, yet I cannot.



(mother nature's son here jettisoned)

(wild honey pie here omited)