Wednesday, December 18, 2013

moby grape immersion

what it is: moby grape immersion
where i found it: nathan from texas

Suddenly I am being bombarded with material about Moby Grape, which I am happy to pass directly, without detour, to you. Out of nowhere, I suddenly started getting the below emails from Texas, the excerpts of which read kind of like an epic poem of obscure music enthusiasm. I have to praise the motivation of Nathan from Texas, whose enthusiasm for Moby Grape is only matched by his love of mixed martial arts.


I've been obsessed with Moby Grape lately. You want a copy of the re-sequencing I did of their 2nd album? It's right up there with White Album and Electric Ladyland.

Their first album is universally praised and then everything else they did is panned.

Turns out they left a double album's worth of great stuff in the vaults and released all the wrong stuff for their 2nd album.
The most ill-starred, badly managed, mis-promoted band of all time with 2 schizophrenics.
I'll send you some reading about them too.

Start with THE FIRST ALBUM. it's them as a whole, firing on all cylinders.

Totally unique band -- 5 singer-songwriters. 3 guitars.

I've been evangelizing them pretty hard for like 6 months.

Seriously these guys were all set to be rock gods except for the worst round of luck ever.

Wait til you read the full Moby Grape story. It's unbelievable.

They've got an evil ex-manager who scares everyone off despite the fact that in 2007 they completely won an epic 30 year lawsuit against him he immediately managed to get all their reissues taken off the market for 30 years he controlled the name.
I'll send you some good articles.

Do you have the Skip Spence "Oar" album? He was the Syd Barrett of the band and did a crazy solo album that's up there with Syd, Roky, Alex Chilton, etc in the broken mind genius solo album sweepstakes.

My goal is to get the book written, the doc made and their 2010 album released.

They're still fucking up.