Monday, December 30, 2013


what it is: nitzsche
where i found it: a friend

Recently a friend gave me a copy of Jack Nitzsche's solo album, which is just weird enough to make me do a little digging into this cat's background. There's a lot to find. He was a key member of LA's Wrecking Crew, the band of on-call badasses that were the backing group for pretty much every rock-ish record made in late 60s/early70s LA.

An acolyte of Phil Spector, he did some mean "wall of sound" orchestrations for IKE AND TINA TURNER, the choral arrangement for YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT and those miserable orchestral pieces that I've spent a lot of time fast forwarding on my cassette copy of Neil Young's Harvest. He even had a few SURF HITS.


 Being an LA dude with considerable composition/orchestration chops, it only makes sense that he got into film music. Favorites he added sound to include Performance, The Exorcist and the Monkee's Head, three of the more fucked movies that exist.


As far as his personal life, he was married for years to Buffy St. Marie, who made some great and unusual records herself. EXHIBIT A. Unfortunately things went south and he ended up sexually assaulting someone with a gun barrel and getting featured on an episode of Cops as the guy who gets stuffed into the car. I can't find that footage, which has probably been suppressed for obvious reasons.

Anyway, here's A TRACK off of that solo record I was telling you about.