Tuesday, January 7, 2014

bye bye run run


Sir Run Run Shaw, 106, has left the planet, one of the formidable Shaw Brothers of Kung Fu movie fame. If you've never seen any of the old Shaw Brother movies, HERE's a big playlist that can keep you occupied all day long. Another option is to visit 99 cent stores in the outer boros, which often have dusty boxes of $1.99 Shaw Brothers DVDs on hand.  If you have to choose just one, many people cite as their favorite THE FIVE DEADLY VENOMS, starring none other than the greatly named Venom Mob. 

Yes, Run Run Shaw was actually anointed a knight by the Queen of England. And, yes, it is doubtful that a group of disadvantaged children from Staten Island would have opted to call themselves the Wu Tang Clan without him. And, yes, it is worth your while to read  HIS OBITUARY.