Monday, January 6, 2014

electrocute you in the mind

what it is: electrocute you in the mind
where i found it: old marvel

 Reading early Fantastic Four comics with my kid has given me a burst of energy in re-exploring the work of Jack Kirby, comic mastermind. From a basement in Long Island, Kirby almost single handedly constructed modern comic visual style: integrating collage, compositions that jut out of their frame, cinematic angles, and superheroes with doubts and bad attitudes (e.g. the Thing who hates his fellow team members as much as he hates the costume he's supposed to wear). How could one dude create Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Thor and the X-Men all within a few years of each other? He also had a knack for phraseology: "Whatever I do at Marvel, I can assure you it will electrocute you in the mind!"

If you care about the early days of comics and the surrounding characters I can recommend Marvel: The Untold Story. There are also a ton of websites dedicated to Kirby and the various stages of his extensive career. There's also a book, Kirby: King of Comics, that's supposed to be exemplary, but I've been too busy checking out the original source material to get around to it.

At the very lest, take a look at some of THESE