Wednesday, March 5, 2014

on the ands, the early days

what it is: on the ands, the early days
where i found it: oxford american

This month commeth the annual Oxord American southern music issue, this time focused on Tennessee. There are a number of decent articles within, but the most interesting is a really well written number by John Jeremiah Sullivan on the early roots of ska. I've never been a big ska fan, I associate it too much with skinheads (never got why they were so into bouncy, happy music made by black folk). However, Sullivan recommends some nice examples of proto-ska, when it's r'n'b' roots were still clear (hence inclusion in the Tennesee issue). Enjoy:

It's easy to see that you could fall into a hole here and just listen to youtubed Jamaican 45s all day. Like THIS ONE, the excellently titled Valley of Jeosophat, including the original track and the dubbed up B side, Jeosophat Rock. Or THIS ONE, in which Dr. Alimentado's neighbor is selling Poison Flour. I'm not sure if THIS ONE is Jamaican or not, but it sure does got the offbeat stress going and it's called Thunder Chicken.